Blog 30 – Galway Farm

Course no. 30 – Galway Farm, Coolac, NSW

Nomadic_golfer : April 2020

7 1-shotters from 98 – 201m, 2 2-shotters 250 & 290m

Exclusive course in Coolac, unique hazards

In late March, on announcement of the first wave of COVID-19, we left Cobargo, near the NSW south coast and booked a one night stay at Coolac Cabins & Camping, 20 minutes from Gundagai. Eleven weeks later, we were still there, a fantastic camp ground set on a 100 acre cattle property and surrounded by large neighbouring farms.

Attached to the site, amongst the cattle, is a 9 hole bush golf course, for the exclusive use of guests of Coolac Cabins & Camping. Due to the rocky terrain (and other, softer hazards), this course has some unique playing conditions. Rather than play one ball per hole and count the amount of shots taken as is the case with traditional golf, this bush course employs a ‘target golf’ philosophy. The player hits 4 tee shots on each hole and counts how many balls finish on the green; 2 on the green is a par, 3 on is a birdie, 1 is a bogey etc

It’s a fun exercise that keeps your iron play in good shape (and you can hit the driver on the 2-shotters) and let’s you have a bit of fun with fellow campers.

Its a great place to stay to explore the wider area or even as a stop off to a destination further away. Check out

The course

The Campground