I’m a nomadic golfer; wandering around Australia in a caravan, playing and sharing views on Aussie golf courses.

I love the feeling of playing a new golf course; its like opening that mystery birthday present as a kid. Sometimes you get a stinker, sometimes you are pleasantly surprised and occasionally you are blown away when you least expect it. It’s not the pristine condition that excites me, it’s the layout; something different, something eye-catching or something tempting you to make a decision to take on risky options for scorecard reward.

2020 was a tough year to get around Australia and play 100 courses. But I got there, just! I encountered a few speed-humps in 2021 and finished on 73 courses, doubled those roadblocks in 2022 and notched up 53. What’s in store for 2023??

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Course no. 35 for 2023, Long Island course update at The National GC, Vic


Course no. 33 for 2023, Gosford GC, NSW

Blog 264 – Gosford

Course no. 34 for 2023, Gundagai GC, NSW

Blog 265 – Gundagai

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This site and associated blogs will outline the courses I have played as I attempt to play 100 courses each year. 2020 was predominantly in NSW, with a smattering of Vic and SA, while 2021 was SA & Tassie centric. They are mostly country tracks and I will give some views/ highlights of each course.

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