Blog 78 – Crescent Head

Course 78, Crescent Head, NSW

Don’t fall over the edge

Nomadic_golfer : October 2020

Par 63, 3521m, slope 113, green fee $16 [6-hole course]

9 par 3s from 91-173m, 9 par 4s from 254-277m

A new base at Port MacQuarie as we come to the back end of October and ramp up the chase with 4 rounds in 4 days. First up, I wandered into the supercool Crescent Head for an early morning amble.

It is a spectacular heads setting for a holiday-maker’s 6 hole golf course in this midnorth NSW coastal surfing town. Very small greens that actually have a good surface but the kikuyu fairways and tees are pretty ordinary. Kikuyu surrounds are decent. The terrain is steep and plenty of these inclines/ declines have a large impact on the way the holes are played. There are also some exhilarating shots over mini-peninsulas, making for great scenery and heart-in-the-mouth golf. It is good fun.

Standout Holes are: 2 (100m downhill across the edge of a cliff with sheer drop off short and right, a hacker’s nightmare); 3 (267m par 4 in same direction as 2 with rocky beach on your right and beach through the back, with bunkers short and long); and 5 (this is a difficult hole, 173m up a steep hill to a tiny, elevated green – its a 3 1/2). It’s not great golf but it is different and definitely worth the 1 hour investment to play 6 holes if you are nearby; just look out for all the wandering foot traffic; surfers, joggers, dog walkers, mums with prams, rastafarians, hippies, coffee-chasers, mamils …. they’re all there and none recognise how hard a golf ball is!