Blog 68 – Deepwater

Course no. 68, Deepwater, NSW

Its all black & tan here, that normally lands me in deep water

Nomadic_golfer : October 2020

Par 68, 5377m, slope 107, green fee $10 (9 hole course)

6 par 3s from 122-204m, 10 par 4s from 280-367m, 2 par 5s from 460-536m

Roughly half way between Glen Innes and Tenterfield in the NSW Northern Tablelands, lies this little hamlet of 300 people and one ripper of a brewery.

The golf course is your typical bush town, dry area, black scrapes 9 hole track, situated on the New England Hwy, backing onto the Deeepwater racetrack. Fairways still show the effect of last year’s drought. I ran into a local who told me it was just dust last year and they had to carry fake turf with them to hit off. Green was coming through in early October and there were signs of couch!

Most holes have pretty wide fairways and not much penalty for missing them unless you come up against one of the sparse population of trees, of which there is a real mixture; poplars, pines, gums. There are also OB fences on a few holes.

The pick of the holes are probably: 4&13 (350m with pines and OB on the left, turning right with the scrape accentuating that turn and a couple of bushes/ trees short right meaning the best line in is from taking on the trouble down the left off the tee); 12 (150m with a chute of 3 pines on each side close to the tee to navigate, followed by a dam that ends 50m short of the scrape); and 16 (slight downhill, 150m from another chute, this time gums and many more of them, with the chute opening up as you approach the scrape.

The community run it, a local farmer came down at 9am on the Sunday to rake the scrapes for the weekly Sunday comp starting at midday. And btw, Brian won the ntp last week (see last pic)