Blog 230 – 3 Year Course Awards

Above: Is this the best golfing complex in the land? The National’s 54 hole complex at Cape Schank. This view is from the roof of the clubhouse out across the Gunnamatta course (par5 1st far left, long par4 18th on the right). PS- I am a member

Nomadic_golfer : 3 year stocktake

My Favourite Courses

Taking stock – the best of the last 3 years

I have had countless memorable days in our 3 years on the road, but these 5 golf clubs (NSW GC, Peninsula Kingswood, Royal Adelaide, The Lakes & The National) delivered what I consider to be the best golfing experiences of what I sampled

NSW Golf Club
[rated #6 in Aust Golf Digest latest rankings]
The spectacular 1926 MacKenzie design on the rolling, sandy southern tip of the La Perouse Peninsula, which might be the most photogenic course in the land (Cape Wickham might have something to say about that). Refer Blog 209 for my full review

Peninsula Kingswood GC, Vic
[AGD #5 (North) #16 South]
I only played the North course, which was easily the best conditioned course I’ve ever played, and it asks so many questions off the tee. As per all great golf courses, the score gap between your good days and bad days here, is large. Architects OCM managed a huge renovation in recent years that has the whole Aussie golfing fraternity in awe. They have certainly spent Australian Super’s money well. Refer Blog 203 for my full review

Royal Adelaide GC, SA
[AGD #10]
As a Croweater, this place gives me goosebumps every time I drive through the gates and I reckon it has the best group of par4s in the country. It is a gem, the course opening on it’s current Seaton site in 1905; Cargie Rymill & CL Gardiner laying out the original track, with both Dan Souter and Alister McKenzie having significant input in its first 25 years. The course sits on fairly flat land with a large sand dune running through the centre, which features in a number of it’s iconic holes, 3 of which are captured in the final row of photos below. Refer Blogs 8 & 121 for my full review

The Lakes, NSW
[AGD #18]
Generous fairways with preferred lines after a Mike Clayton rejig in 2006 that gave it a significant strategic boost. Categorised by tracts of sandy wasteland, lots of H2O, aeroplanes and a real test of golf. (Refer Blog 207 for the full review)

The National GC, Vic
[AGD #11 Moonah, #15 Gunnamatta, #19 The Old, #57 Long Island]
My home club, boasting 4 superb & vastly different layouts over 2 sites. I may be biased but you can’t beat having the choice of these 4 tracks every golfing day. (Refer blogs 17/ 202 for Long Island, 18 for The Old & 93 for Gunnamatta)

Above: The National’s 3 courses I played in 2020. The Old’s short par 3 7th, Long Island’s par 3 3rd bunkers and green; and Gunnamatta’s 8th green

Those 5 experiences clearly contained the highest quality courses of my trip. The next best 3 in my opinion were Kooyonga & The Grange in SA, and Royal Canberra