Blog 201 – Tassie Hole Awards

My favourite hole in Tassie, the short par4 6th at Stanley Golf Club

Nomadic_golfer : My favourite holes in Tassie

Best of each Suit

After naming my All-Star 18 and candidates, I’ve pulled together my favourite par3s, 4s and 5s and split into further length and difficulty factors in the table below

To go one step further, my favourite hole in the 45 courses I played in Tassie is probably the 260m par4 6th at Stanley Golf Club in the state’s North West. The massive risk/ reward element, surrounding mounds, narrow green that funnels approaches inside the mounds towards the hole but kicks those outside the mounds away, seaside characteristics and the way the locals have maintained the thick stuff down the short right side, had me take about 20 photos over the length of the hole as I played it. That is my favourite par4.

My favourite par 3 would be the 125m 3rd at Oatlands GC in the midlands, a fantastic track in such a natural environment with historical importance. It faces north, across the edge of a lagoon, with a little teardrop shaped green narrowing the further left you go, towards the water.

And topping off the list, my favourite par5 would have to be Tasmania GC’s iconic, breath-taking 528m 3rd hole, bending left around a cliff-top overlooking Barilla Bay, one of the most photographed holes in Australian golf.

HoleFavourite2ndHonourable Mentions
Short Par3
125m 3rd
Tasman GC
125m 8th
Tasmania GC 125m 11th
Penguin 100m 7th
Medium Par3Claremont
170m 2nd
155m 13th
Quamby Est 150m 2nd
Kingston Beach 160m 16th
Tasmania 160m 8th
Llanherne 145m 4th
Long Par3New Norfolk
177m 3rd
New Town Bay
183m 9th
Dover GC 208m 8th
Hardest Par3Tasmania GC
200m 5th
Short Par4Stanley
260m 6th
260m 3rd
Ratho Farm 242m 16th
Wynyard 300m 3rd
Medium Par4Tam O’Shanter
370m par4
369m 6th
Longford 380m 3rd
Freycinet 387m 7th
Long Par4Claremont
400m 5th
Quamby Estate
390m 4th
Ulverstone 390m 14th
Riverside 390m 3rd
Hardest Par4Quamby Estate
409m 4th
Short Par5Ratho Farm
439m 18th
Quamby Estate
432m 6th
Tarraleah 435m 1st
North West Bay 436m 18th
Medium Par5Mowbray
501m 12th
Port Sorrell
456m 17th
Pittwater 490m 5th
Kingston Beach 470m 9th
Long Par5Tasmania GC
528m 3rd
Royal Hobart
503m 13th
Burnie 524m 3rd
CC Tasmania 500m 6th
Hardest Par5Mountain Vista GC
579m 5th
Iron Pot GC
495m 7th

Refer to Blog 199 for the full list of courses I played in Tassie.