Blog 140 – William Creek

Course 40 for 2021 – William Creek SA

Four holes next to the pub

Nomadic_golfer : October 2021

4 Holes – Par 12 355m, slope – none (it’s dead flat), free to play and hire clubs

4 par3s from 75-100m

This is more about an Outback town (population of 10 permanent residents) and a pub than a golf course

William Creek is located halfway up the Oodnadatta Track, in outback South Australia, about 850km North of Adelaide and the same distance south of Alice Springs. It is an entry point to Lake Eyre and is surrounded by the world’s largest cattle station, Anna Creek (~5.85m acres)

There’s not much to the town, and the iconic old pub serves as Hotel, Airport, Cafe, Petrol Station, Caravan Park Admin, Comedy Theatre, Educational Facility ……. Spend a night in this pub and you are guaranteed to be entertained. Despite the population of 10, the characters appear from everywhere: from the trainee pilots, to the road workers, to the hardy outback types, it’s raucous!

Oh, and as a bit of a laugh, they have added a 4 hole golf course. 4 tees and 2 ‘greens’ comprise this 4 hole course of par 3’s which have little square tee boxes, 1 pure dirt green and 1 green with a bit of oil in the dirt. The course is 100% red sand. They supply the clubs and the obligatory green mat, and you certainly cannot complain about the fees!