Blog 137 – Crystal Brook

Course 37 for 2021 – Crystal Brook SA

Some beautiful, tranquil spots amongst the scrapes

Nomadic_golfer : September 2021

Par 71, 5665m, slope 107, $10 green fee

4 par3s from 100-184m, 11 par4s from 264-375m, 3 par5s from 436-537m

Established in 1923, this 18 hole black sand-scrape course is only open for 6 months of the year. It is set across 2 sides of the main road with a train track running overhead between the 2nd and 3rd holes. Large gums are all around the course and there is a mixture of tight and open holes. There are some beautiful, tranquil spots amongst the gums on this course, and I hope I’ve captured them in the photos. There‚Äôs no mistaking you are in Australia!

There is plenty of variety in terms of shape, length and undulation. The ground is very firm despite quite a bit of grass/ weeds covering the fairways. Some slopey scrapes too (low at the front), so you need to ensure you don’t go over the back which is tricky with the hard running fairways.

The ball does run a long way so the 3 par4s under 290m and 2 of the par 5s represent really good birdie opportunities but there are plenty of hazards and OBs that represent a fair bit of risk to overcome in reaping those rewards.

The par 5 6th is my favourite hole, with a tee next to a dirt road and OB left, it turns left at about 200m and downhill at about 240, luring you to flirt with the left trees and OB fence. A real good drive will take a big downslope and bound into the distance. There is a creek then running in front of the green, guarded by gums and set at the foot of a mound.

Overall, its a winter course with some nice views. It does your ego some good with the driving distance while providing ample opportunities for both birdies and lost balls.