Blog 4 – Casterton

Course no.4 – Casterton, Vic

Located in the far South West of the state and birthplace of the Kelpie and of the popular Melbourne singer/ songwriter Michelle Lewis, this is a good test of golf and a very interesting layout. With most fairways framed by massive gums, you need to plot your way around this under-rated track……..

Nomadic_golfer : January 2020

Par 72, 5591m, slope 120, $20 green fee

4 par 3s from 128 – 177m, 10 par 4s from 268 – 387m, 4 par 5s from 437 – 480m

A fantastic layout with towering pines, gums, wattles and lots of bird life. Aesthetically pleasing despite the colour brown dominating the fairways in January.  The tees were good and had seen plenty of water, while the greens were just recovering from some irrigation issues and had some dead patches but putted well. Lots of different shaped holes and plenty of both shaped shots required. Many holes where driver was not required and doesn’t necessarily make you better off. Whilst it is heavily tree lined, it’s quite clear underneath and so is more forgiving than it looks. Strongest holes are: 4 (no. 1 ranked hole at 387m with a downhill drive sweeping right, then turning uphill for the second shot to a green sloping away from you); 8 (164m par 3, steep downhill, with pines on left and dam behind; you need to hold a draw up); and 13 (180m par 3 that for mine is the hardest hole on the course but is ranked no. 7; trees down both sides to a small green with front right bunker). Overall, I found this a very enjoyable test of golf. It would suit someone who appreciates thinking their way around, a challenge and not someone who wants picture perfect lies etc. Would definitely play again.