Blog 100 – Tipperary

Course 100, Tipperary GC, Young NSW

It’s a long way to Tipperary ……..

Nomadic_golfer : December 2020

Par 56, 2665m, slope n/a, green fee $6

8 par 3s from 82-195m, 1 par 4s of 255m. (9 hole course)

The ton up at Tipperary Golf Club

It’s a long way to Tip 🎶🎼…..

There is no more appropriately named course than this one, to bring up my 💯 for 2020. This 9-hole course (par 56 for 18) is situated in Australia’s cherry capital, Young, 370km WSW of Sydney.

After playing my 99th at Cowra the previous evening, and a night in the swag, I rocked up here at 8am Monday 21 Dec (Gravy Day) and the gates were locked. I rang President Adam and told him my story and he was straight out with a host of locals to accomodate me; Nigel & Pat Willet (playing partners), Max, Don Hardy & Cindy Hardy (social media). The hospitality was unbelievable. Don even shot a video interview and put it on the club’s Facebook page –

The course has the smallest sand greens (scrapes) ever seen, and a couple of very unorthodox holes. It’s a different sort of golf played here; the course is a great leveller. The scrapes have a thin cover and grasses are thickest around the scrapes, making hitting these tiny targets very tricky indeed. There aren’t a huge number of trees but they seem to be in just the right places to prevent you playing the obvious, direct shot on these par 3s. Some tee shots are required to go under limbs of trees & a couple of the par3s have almost inaccessible pins; it’s unique.

Highlights to me, aside from the recently purchased fairway mower and professional signage (see photo of front gate sign) are: 3 (signature hole of 82m with a diagonal shot across a tree, some rough, a road & a telegraph pole to a tiny scrape in an amphitheatre setting (main photo); and 9 (the best hole, 150m to a slightly elevated green, with ground sloping right to left and 3 trees as a backdrop/ frame). 4 is as hard a par3 as you will come across; 195m up a steep hill, threading the needle between trees, under a limb of a tree 50m off the tee, then has OB fence narrowing in from the left. Not many 3s are recorded on this hole.

Overall, you wouldn’t be coming to play golf here to prepare for the NSW Amateur but for a fun round and great people, it’s spot on.

Max, Don, Me, Pat, Nigel (L to R)